💻 How did you get into tech? 🤔

I learned HTML and CSS when I was just 11 years old making pretty layouts for myself and others on MySpace!
And yes, you totally saw that correct! ..I re-created CODE CRUMBS on MySpace — 2004 style. 😂 And I had it printed on my shirt because who doesn’t love a little nostalgia on their tank tops!?

MySpace is where it all started for me. I stayed up all hours of the night fixing my layout, creating headers, banners and editing photos. Ever since then, I knew my passion was in tech and design for sure! 😍💘🖥
When I got to college, I decided to give programming a try and I LOVED it. 😍 Since I love developing in both front-end and back-end, my dream is to eventually become well rounded enough to consider myself a magical full-stack developer. 🦄✨

Who else started coding with MySpace? 🤓
Did anybody start with Xanga, Neopets or Tumblr?

Who remembers and misses those awesome “MySpace days”? 😭

Check out who’s on my TOP 8! 👀
⭐️ Chanelle @chxnelle.jpg
⭐️ Dania @daniamicala
⭐️ Brandy @msbrandymorgan
⭐️ Seph @dvlp.r
⭐️ Travis @dvlpr.io
⭐️ Tara @tara.vox
⭐️ Shay @techcafe_
⭐️ Giovanni @beard.dev

(make sure to give them ALL a follow on instagram!)

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