Forever taking the <div> out of DIVA. 💋

I’ve always known exactly what I wanted and my inner diva ✨ has always been there cheering me on while I move down the checklist of all of my goals. ✔️

Some people will find it “intimidating” but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being sure of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being content with who you’re becoming. There’s nothing wrong with having confidence within yourself.

“I cant believe I’m saying this but…. it’s okay to like yourself. It’s a brave act in a society that profits off of low self-esteem by sending people the message that they are never enough as they are. That to be a confident and secure woman is a threat.” – Marina Diamandis

It’s a sad world that people look at you funny if god forbid you’re feeling feeling yourself even for a second. I’ve had other women despise me because I had the confidence to do something I love regardless of what people thought and they… didn’t.

We shouldn’t have to make ourselves small just to confine to what the rest of the world is comfortable with. Create that chaos. Make the world see your beauty.

Never stop planning for your future. If you want something, put in the #hustle and make a realistic plan. There is NOTHING you can’t achieve. 🏆

⁉️👀 OH, and who would buy this <div>a tank top! ⁉️ 👀

I’m highly considering starting a clothing line or possibly collaborating with another female techie to start something a m a z i n g. Stay tuned!

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