This painting was fun. It was really hard to blend the hot pink paint with the purple color we mixed up. Honestly I got super frustrated that I couldn’t blend all my colors as nicely as I wanted to. The texture of the canvas, weirdly enough, wasn’t what I was used to and the consistency of those neon colors were just not vibing with me. Nevertheless, it looks like a lot of people really enjoyed my painting!

Someone said, “When I saw you walked in, the first thing I noticed was your makeup. I knew your painting was going to come out great!” trop4

I thanked her but also laughed to myself thinking how funny it would be to respond with, “it’s funny cause, I’m actually an engineer and I don’t even know what

the hell I’m doing!” Hehe.






My particularly favorite part of the evening was this little girl that gave me the cutest face I’ve ever seen when she was trying to reach the faucet while washing her hands.  I helped her out and then after we were all done, she comes up to me to show me her painting and a separate piece she was working on by herself on a little paper plate. Couldn’t help but be totally proud of her for doing her own thing and having pride in her work! This little girl made my night.


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