So, I just have to speak my mind about this. When Wonder Woman came out, so many people asked me how much I loved it being that I’m huge on women’s rights and all of that good stuff. The honest truth is that, yes, while Diana totally kicks ass throughout the entire movie, I had to say the ending of the movie completely killed it for me. *SPOILER ALERT* for those who haven’t seen it yet, for whatever reason. I absolutely hated the fact that at the very end, when Diana was close to giving up and accepting her defeat, it was yet.. A MAN who gave her the strength to keep fighting. What is that!? She could have thought about all the incredible women from where she came from to give her the strength she needed or something.. But instead, she thought about her cute little boyfriend and he is what gave her the strength to defeat Ares. So, that’s what killed it for me.

Black Panther on the other hand.. INCREDIBLE. Marvel did g r e a t. I wasn’t even expecting to be completely inspired throughout the entire movie and there I was. Shuri, the PRINCESS of Wakanda, is GOALS. She was pretty much quietly leading Wakanda into the technological future and there is absolutely nothing more beautiful than that. To me. A princess, a genius, an innovator, a problem solver, a creator. Now, THAT is inspiring.

With all of that being said, when people ask me if I prefer Marvel over DC, the answer is YES I PREFER MARVEL OVER DC! Overall, the message I received from Black Panther is much more powerful than the message I got from Wonder Woman.



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